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✵ Transcendent Psychology 
✵ Mystical Encounters
✵ Alverto Academy
✵Triangular Production Music          Videos
✵Unique content

Learn at your own pace

Learn at your own pace with a learning system with which you can advance progressively.

Workshops with Alberto

You will have exclusive access to workshops with Alverto that have not been released to the public.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Audiovisual material of the highest quality.

New material every month

You will have new material every month in both Transcendent Psychology, Mystic workshops and Triangular Music.

Reach your goals and learn

The workshops are part of the training in group or personal work. In addition to being a great contribution to your personal process.

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Pay by card and subscribe to an infinite source of learning for your personal process.

Monthly Subscription in Spanish and English

Monthly Subscription in Spanish and English with access to all campus content, Transcendent Psychology, Mystical Workshops, Triangular Production Audiovisuals, and Documentaries.
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