The two Madness

The one that enslaves is necessary, the one that liberates is a possibility.

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Based on a novel by Luis Pirandello and a poem by Khalil Gibran, with texts by Unamuno and Osho. It is the story of two types of madmen, one who revives the madness of having enslaved himself in the other's gaze, and another madman who ceases to be a structured lie, who although he has been trapped in an organized appearance, dares to get out of the manipulation that the others execute every time they define him. It is the madness that allows him to let go of the control of what he thinks he is in order to regain the freedom of what he is. Becoming part of a society that lives on hypocrisy is a process of madness for a pure and innocent being who comes to earth to experience love.
  • Video time:  32 minutes

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Alberto Varela

Founder of companies and organizations; creator of techniques, methods and schools; author of several books. Self-taught student, researcher and international lecturer, with more than 40 years of experience in organizational management and HR. Currently, his influence is growing in the motivational, therapeutic and spiritual spheres as a result of the evolutionary message that he transmits.
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