Differences between 
Transpersonal  & Transcendent Psychology

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  •  Duration: 60 min
  •  Workshop 1 -  Madrid, January 2022 
The course
Transpersonal psychology says: "Personality is not everything. Body is not everything. Mind is not everything. There is more." That statement naturally opens up a whole field of exploration. Transpersonality continues to be based on personality, the possibility of disidentifying from it has not yet been considered, what if transcendent psychology has been opened to investigate. Starting with Transpersonal Psychology, a new stage of the psychology research process begins: it is recognized that I am more than I thought, but I still have not stopped being what I believed. The process is incomplete. Transcendent Psychology contemplates the possibility of going beyond.

Includes Certificates
Learn the fundamentals of Transcendent Psychology and enter the world of personal transformation tools. At the end of this course you will have the bases to understand the main tools to be able to start a path of self-discovery in yourself and in the other.

Course Lessons

Meet the teacher

Alberto Varela

Founder of companies and organizations; creator of techniques, methods and schools; author of several books. Self-taught student, researcher and international lecturer, with more than 40 years of experience in organizational management and HR. Currently, his influence is growing in the motivational, therapeutic and spiritual spheres as a result of the evolutionary message that he transmits.
Patrick Jones - Course author