The Great Escape

The power of love to free us from slavery
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The impact of the transgressor harshly confronts the programmed minds and satisfactorily surprises the conscience of those who dare to listen, to feel, to see... Some of these musical productions are used to dance in discotheques, others to meditate, in therapeutic sessions, or to enjoy the beautiful music selected and the assertive texts of Alberto Varela extracted from different classes of the Conscious School. These musical productions integrate three components: melodies, reflective texts on a sound cushion, and accompanying images, which, when harmoniously united, produce an effect of deep connection with human aspects that characterize us. Humor and love, beauty and reflection, depth, and fun go hand in hand to show our inner reality.
  • Video time:  13 minutes

Course Lessons

Meet the Director

Alberto Varela

Screenwriter and director of audiovisuals. Founder of companies and organizations; creator of several schools of personal growth, original techniques and an innovative method of inner evolution. Author of several books. Self-taught student and researcher. More than 40 years of experience in the evolutionary journey of his own life led him to go through enriching situations that he shares as a treasure in the mystical retreats he conducts for BEYOND INNER, and in the audiovisual productions he directs for  CONSCIOUS TRIANGULAR STREAMING.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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