Spiritual Intimacy

Creating bonds of love

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This is the true story of a process of comprehending ourselves and the training in our organization, in which in addition to healing ourselves, we are doing the best in the art of dedicating ourselves to other people. At the end of this documentary, Alberto Varela gathered a small group of mentors from his school to present this documentary that reveals some secrets about the spiritual evolution of human beings, and how he has developed his entire training and collaborative approach in the organization that has founded in 2012 and that has expanded in the five continents
  • Video time:  24 minutes

Course Lessons

Meet the Director

Alberto Varela

Founder of companies and organizations; creator of techniques, methods and schools; author of several books. Self-taught student, researcher and international lecturer, with more than 40 years of experience in organizational management and HR. Currently, his influence is growing in the motivational, therapeutic and spiritual spheres as a result of the evolutionary message that he transmits.
Patrick Jones - Course author