Initiation of Rumi

Releasing all debts, loyalties die and gratitude is born.

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The transforming power of the encounter between the disciple and the teacher.
A Sufi story that recounts Rumi's initiation as a transcendent encounter between two human beings. In the life of every spiritual seeker, who dares anything in order to reach the essential nothing, unpredictable things can happen. Rumi's initiation, by merging with the master, gave rise to a path of spiritual search based on the pure gaze.
  • Video time:  24 minutes

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Alberto Varela

Founder of companies and organizations; creator of techniques, methods and schools; author of several books. Self-taught student, researcher and international lecturer, with more than 40 years of experience in organizational management and HR. Currently, his influence is growing in the motivational, therapeutic and spiritual spheres as a result of the evolutionary message that he transmits.
Patrick Jones - Course author