Madrid - May 2022

The mastery of the body

The body's mastery is the mastery of the intelligence of a living organism in the service of the awakening of consciousness.
✵ Access to cellular memory to guide us on the path of healing.
✵The conscious touch as a way to access the secret universe of the body.
✵ The reading of body movement as an observation of what limits the mind.
✵ Dance as a tool that frees the body from repressed energies.
The possibility where the body does not obey the mind but supports it. The possibility where the mind does not block or subjugate the body but allows it to be itself.
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Alberto Varela

Screenwriter and Director of audiovisuals. Founder of companies and organizations; creator of several schools of personal growth, original techniques and an innovative method of inner evolution. Author of several books. Self-taught student and researcher. More than 40 years of experience in the evolutionary journey of his own life led him to go through enriching situations that he shares as a treasure in the mystical retreats he conducts for BEYOND INNER, and in the audiovisual productions he directs for CONSCIOUS TRIANGULAR STREAMING.
Patrick Jones - Course author