End of the war 

Thousands of years, thousands of wars and millions of deaths.
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Who believes that wars are created between nations? All human conflicts, whether family, political, religious or social, come from the same origin. This is what this documentary is about, providing a revolutionary vision of war, conflict, rendition and surrender. The peace that we all long for cannot be born from dual minds that make decisions thinking that they are going to lose or win, but from intelligent beings that make the firm decision to stop fighting without entering into neurotic negotiations. The price of peace is tremendously high for an ambitious mind that is never satisfied with anything. Surrender is a renunciation of power, or rather the false power that human beings have to have, to possess, to control, or to occupy some place, to be millionaires, famous or recognized. How to heal this internal and individual conflict that infects the human being? Are you willing to see and listen to a possibility for peace?
  • Video time:  17 minutes

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Meet the Director

Alberto Varela

Screenwriter and director of audiovisuals. Founder of companies and organizations; creator of several schools of personal growth, original techniques and an innovative method of inner evolution. Author of several books. Self-taught student and researcher. More than 40 years of experience in the evolutionary journey of his own life led him to go through enriching situations that he shares as a treasure in the mystical retreats he conducts for BEYOND INNER, and in the audiovisual productions he directs for  CONSCIOUS TRIANGULAR STREAMING.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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