Milan, February 2021

Word and language.
Individual and humanity. 

Human language is a biological miracle that has initiated the ability to be aware of our own existence in the cosmos and the universe we are in. Just as every star has the support of the whole universe, EVERY WORD HAS THE POWER OF A WHOLE LANGUAGE, and every HUMAN BEING has the possibility of all humanity.
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Course Lessons


Meet the teacher 

Alberto Varela

Scriptwriter and director of audiovisuals; founder of companies and organisations; creator of various schools of personal growth, original techniques and an innovative method of inner evolution. Author of several books; self-taught student and researcher; more than 40 years of experience in the evolutionary journey of his own life led him to go through enriching situations that he shares as a treasure in the mystical retreats he carries out for BEYOND INNER, and in the audiovisual productions he directs for TRIANGULAR CONSCIOUS STREAMING.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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